Rules & Regulations

College Library :

The college has a well-stocked and fully computerized library which provides adequates arrangement for the readers. Apart from text books the library has a collection of books on religion and philosophy, encyclopaedia and books meant for competitive exams. There is a separate reading rooms for the members of the staff. The library provides book bank facility to the needy and deserving students. Special efforts are made to inculcate good reading habits among the students. The college library aims at meeting the demands of the students by promoting the intellectual growth by providing quality reader services.


  • Students can enter the library only on production of their identity cards.
  • Student must observe complete silence in the library.
  • All belongings must be kept with the library attendent at the gate.
  • Reference books, text books periodicals magazines and newspapers are not to be issued.
  • A Student can get two books issued for a period of 7 days.
  • A fine of Rs. 20/- per day will be charged after the due date.
  • In case of loss/damage a student shall be liable to pay the cost of the damaged/lost book.
  • The librarian may recall a book anytime.
  • The library will be closed once in a year for the stock checking. All borrowed books must be returned at the time of stock checking.

Monthly Tests :

Monthly Tests in the respective subjects are conducted regularly in order to ensure a continuous assessment of the student. Student must not abstain themselves from these tests.
NOTE: A fine of Rs. 50/- per subject will be charged from the student who abstain themselves from monthly tests.

College Uniform :

All Student must wear white salwar-kameez and dupatta (Black Sweater / Shawl during windets) on Monday. The College Maintains a dignified dress code for its students to inculcate self-discipline.
NOTE: A fine of Rs. 50/- per subject will be charged from the student who come without uniform on Mondays.

Leave Rules :

  • Application for leave will always be made on the prescribed form obtainable from the college library.
  • Prior sanction for leave must be taken in case of sickness or an emergency. The leave application must be submitted with in a week. Application for sick leave for more than five days will have to be supported by a Medical Certificate.
  • Leave on medical grounds or otherwise does not entitle a student to claim benefit of lectures or for appearing in the House/Class tests.
  • A student should apply for leave only when it is extremely urgent.
  • A leave from must be signed by parent/guardians or the tutor.
  • Application for sick leave must be accompanied by a medical certificate from a competent authority.

Parking rules:

  • Student must get their vehicles registered with the gate attendant, deposit the parking fee to the fee clerk and get a token.
  • All vehicles must be locked properly.
  • The college takes no responsibility for the loss of any vehicle parked outside the campus.

Rules for payment of college dues:

  • Students will have to deposit the admission fee and fee mentioned in the prospectus at the time of admission. No part-payment shall be accepted (However, the principal may at the discretion extend the date of payment of dues for a specific time in exceptional circumstances only.)
  • Fee once paid shall not be refunded.
  • Payment will be realised in cash only.
  • Dates of the payment of college dues are fixed and notified from time to time.
  • A fine of Rs.20/- per day will be charged for the late payment of dues.
  • The name of a defaulter (on account of non-payment of dues) will be struck off. Re admission may be allowed by the principal on payment of re-admission fee of Rs.200/-
  • A fine of Rs. 50/- per day will be charged from student being absent and irregular, without information and permission.

General instructions :

  • Every student should look up the notice board daily.
  • The students should cultivate the queue habit. They should not crowd near the library, the staff room and the admission block.
  • Riding in front of Administrative block and class rooms and loitering in the Verandaha is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed to make unauthorized collection in the name of the college from the college students/public. Disciplinary/legal action can be taken against those who found guilty.
  • All notices on the notice board, that do not bear the signatures of the principal, Teacher-in-charge or office superintendent have no validity. Nobody is permitted to put up any poster or notice of her own in the campus.
  • No society, club or association will be recognized or allowed to function without the approval of the principal. .

Examination Rules & Assessment

University examination rules:

A student is eligible to appear in the annual examination conducted by the Punjab university only if :

  • She has remained on the roll of the college for the academic year preceding the examination.
  • She has attended not less than 75% of the total no of lecture delivered and 80% of the practical's held. In case of shortage of her lectures is below this, she will not be allowed to appear in the final exams.
  • She has secured at least 25% marks (in aggregates) in all subject during the House Exams. (in case of B.C.A, B.Sc. the condition is at least 40% in aggregates.)
  • No condo donation of absence is permissible on medical grounds. However leave will help in remission of fine only.
  • The condo donation of the shortage of lectures cannot be claimed as matter of right. However the principal may condone a shortage of lectures/tutorials/practicals for valid reasons as per university rules.

Guidelines for continuous internal assessment for regular students of under-graduate (courses semester system):

10% internal assessment will be calculated on the proposed formula in order to maintain uniformity in calculating the internal assessment in under-graduate semester classes:

  • Class test : 5%
  • Academic activities (Seminar, project & assignments) : 3%
  • Attendance : 2%

Guidelines for continuous internal assessment for regular students of Post-graduate (courses semester system):

I. Terminal evaluation : 80%
II. Continuous assessment : 20%
III. Continuous assessment may include written assignment, snap tests, participation in discussion in class, term papers, attendance etc.
IV. In order to incorporate an element of continuous internal assessment, the college/Deptt. Will conduct one written test as qualified below:

  • Class test : 25 (reduced to 5)
  • Snap test : 25 (reduced to 5)
  • Participation in Class discussions : 15 (reduced to 5)
  • Term papers : 25 (reduced to 5)
  • Attendance : 10 ( reduced to 2)

Ragging in any form and use of unparliamentarily language in the campus is strictly prohibited any student found indulging in ragging, committing or abetting ragging shall be punished/rusticated/expelled/suspended from the college.

The name of a student who remains absent for continuous period of 7 days in any subject, without leave, shall be struck off from the college rolls. She can seek re-admission after paying the arrear, re-admission fee and re-registration fee etc.