Aims & Objective

Aims and Objective of GTB Khalsa College for Women

  • To nurture academic talent of students in disciplined environment of institution.
  • The motto of our institution is "Educating Girls Educating Society" in excellence through by imparting quality education and instilling the virtues of being considerate, truthful and disciplined to make optimum efforts for every kind of growth to move ahead in life.
  • The college ensures that academic and co-curricular activities go hand in hand.
  • To develop integrated and elegant personality with sound mind and healthy body.
  • To enhance the status of girls and to ensure the gender equality of the women masses.
  • To emancipate women folk from all kind of social evils.
  • To provide both material and moral training which is very essential to create an ideal and responsible citizen.
  • Exposure to modern technologies and human resource development.
  • To make them socially aware, emotionally stable, spiritually concerned and morally upright individuals.
  • To promote healthy practices among girls with the sole aim of providing value-based education and building the character of students.